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What Are Low-Time Pilot Jobs?

There are many different types of pilot jobs. The one that comes to mind is a commercial airline pilot, like our outstanding pilots at Republic Airways. Those positions are filled by what are commonly considered “high-time” pilots – the current Federal Aviation Administration’s flight hour requirement to become a commercial airline pilot is 1,500 hours.

So what are low-time pilots (also referred to as low-hour pilots)? In general, low-time pilot jobs are filled by pilots who have fewer than 500 flight hours or less. If you’re wondering what kind of low-hour pilot jobs are available, there are many! Flying planes in any of the following types of positions will help you earn flight hours and be paid at the same time.

Some Typical Low-Time Pilot Jobs

  • Pipeline and Powerline Patrol Pilot
  • Part 91 and Part 135 Pilot
  • Skydiving Jump Pilot
  • Traffic Watch Pilot
  • Certificated Flight Instructors
  • Aerial Surveying Pilot
  • Aerial Photography Pilot
  • Aircraft Ferry Pilot
  • Banner Towing Pilot

Any of these low-hour pilot jobs will help you earn more flight hours if your goal is to become a high-hour pilot. There is an opportunity for low-pilots available at Republic Airways, through LIFT Academy, that could open the door to becoming a commercial airline pilot more quickly than the types of jobs listed above.

Low-Time to High-Time Pilot Opportunities at Republic

At our flight school, LIFT Academy, students who have completed the required amount of training – typically in 12-18 months– can become Certificated Flight Instructors, or CFIs, and be paid to teach other students while continuing to build their flight hours. These CFIs positions would be considered low-hour pilot jobs.

The Sky Is the Limit for Low-Time Pilots

Bottom line: if you love flying planes and have enough flying time under your belt to qualify as a low-hour pilot, there are lots of jobs for you to explore. And if you’re interested in flying commercial jets like our world’s largest all E-Jet fleet, we can help. You can either work as a CFI at LIFT and earn your hours toward a possible job in the right seat at Republic or explore other flight training options at LIFT.

Commercial airline pilots are in high demand worldwide. Learn more about this exciting career on our The Perks of Being an Airline Pilot blog and discover all the pilot possibilities available at Republic on our pilot careers page.