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The Perks of Being an Airline Pilot

A key consideration when deciding whether or not to pursue a career as an airline pilot, outside the technical qualifications and demands of the job, are the benefits. Just what are the perks of being a pilot? And are they any better than other jobs? Let’s look at the perks Republic Airways pilots receive, and then you can decide if these make for better quality of life than in other careers.

Pilot Perks on the Job

Commercial airline pilots have lots of on-the-job perks. At Republic, those include flying the world’s largest fleet of all Embraer 170/175 jets, training in our new world-class facility with all in-house instructors and having the opportunity to fly to over 100 destinations in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean. Our Aviation Campus has eight full-flight simulators that allow our pilots to heighten their skills in safe, state-of-the-art technology. Connected to our training facility via skybridge is our own hotel, making it easy for pilots to stay on campus when they’re utilizing our training facilities.

When it comes time for pilot benefits for family, those exist even on the job! Our pilots have 12 guaranteed days off every month, eight paid Company holidays (including Superbowl Sunday for you football fans!), and some of the best work rules in the industry. All of these lend themselves to better work/life balance that allow for more personal freedom and time to spend with family and friends.

In addition, Republic has 10 U.S. base locations, which allow pilots the opportunity to work from one of them or to relocate if desired when the opportunity is available.

Even on the job, perks of being an airline pilot are different than what most other career paths have to offer.

Pilot Perks Off the Clock

When they’re not working, Republic pilots receive the benefits all Republic Associates enjoy the most: free or reduced flight fares to anywhere in the world! Our pilots and their immediate family can fly anywhere on our three partner airlines: American, Delta and United. This benefit is unique to Republic as pilots and all our Associates can fly on not just one but three major airlines, which greatly expand their options. These outstanding flight privileges can significantly improve your quality of life as it allows you to take a dream vacation, send your parents on their trip of a lifetime, attend a wedding or reunion you might otherwise have missed…the opportunities are endless. Take a quick weekend trip to Paris? Check! Visit your ancestral home in Ireland? Check! It’s a perk that few other occupations offer.

Even after pilots have retired, they can still enjoy travel benefits. At Republic, travel privileges are also available from other airlines on a more limited basis, but they do provide even more options to see the world.

Republic pilots enjoy a corporate-wide culture of trust, respect, care and fun in a welcoming, diverse environment. We believe we become stronger through our diversity and know that our people are responsible for our Company’s success. We invest in our pilots both personally and professionally and believe we offer the best opportunities for pilots to succeed.

Finally, there is the intangible perk of being a pilot: the immense satisfaction of knowing you play a pivotal role in helping people get safely to important places in their lives. Everyone on that Embraer E-Jet has a destination, whether business or personal. Getting to their destination is important, and it’s a pilot’s job to do everything they can to get their passengers where they need to be. It’s not a tangible benefit, but it’s an important one that many pilots would say is the best perk of being a pilot.

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