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Flight Time Initiative

Because we’re passionate about our people and their success, we invest in your training and development. Our Flight Time Initiative will help you over the final obstacles to meet the ATP or R-ATP minimums.

You can use FTI toward:

  • Flight hours
  • Ratings
  • Rotor transition programs

The FTI program accelerates your way into the ranks of Republic aviators who earn competitive pay, fly the most advanced commercial aircraft in the industry and work with the best aviation professionals on the ground and in the air.

Interested? Email to find out how you can complete your transition into the commercial airline industry.

Not ready to apply for FTI? If you have more than 200 hours of flight time left to reach your ATP or R-ATP requirements, the best way to get the inside track on becoming an FTI participant is to join our RJet Cadet Program or RJet Pilot Prep Program.