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Why Pilots Choose Republic Airways

If you’re a qualified pilot, you’re never short on options. So, how do pilots decide where they want to fly? We sat down with Republic Airways Captain Devon Ragbir to discover why he chose Republic.

Close to Home

As a lifelong New Yorker, Devon knew that Republic’s presence in the Northeast could allow him to stay close to home and close to family. “If you live in the Northeast … there’s no better airline than Republic Airways,” Devon explains. “Republic Airways and the Northeast just fit hand-in-glove.”

With ten bases and long-standing partnerships with our codeshares United, Delta and American, Republic is a flexible and commuter-friendly airline. And that’s exactly what Devon was looking for. “I didn’t want to give up seeing my family. I didn’t want to give up my career.” Choosing Republic meant Devon didn’t have to give up anything. “I know when I’m leaving … I know when I’m coming home. My family knows when I’m coming home. There’s no vagueness about what to expect.”

A Clear Path

When Devon interviewed for Republic, he was transitioning from a flight instructor to a commercial pilot. At Republic, one thing was immediately clear to Devon, “Everyone wants to see you succeed … Whether it’s the shuttle driver from the airport to our training facility, whether it’s Teresa at the front desk … The Captains all want to see you succeed. They all want to see you make it to the left [seat].” He joined Republic as a First Officer, and now, just a few years later, he sits in that left seat as a Captain.

With the option to continue growing his career at Republic Airways or move to a mainline with dedicated pathway programs, Devon knows his future is wide open. “You [can] choose to stay at Republic and move up the ranks and … do your job to the fullest, or … maybe one day you’ll fly for one of their codeshares.”

People First

While many airlines talk about their culture, “You hear it over and over, the culture and the family aspect.” But Republic stood out. “The sincerity, compassion, the natural feel of things … at no point did you feel like you weren’t supported … at no point did you feel alone.”

Devon does his best to do his part, too. “When I put on my uniform, I think about what makes this company great, and really, it’s the people. I can’t fly without a flight attendant, nor can I fly without my First Officer. We’re here to succeed as a team. No matter what your uniform looks like, no matter where you stand.”

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