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What Makes a Republic Pilot?

It takes more than a uniform to make a Republic Airways pilot. We sat down with Republic Airways Captain Dan Bowers to discuss his involvement with Republic Talent Acquisition and learn about the three main things he looks for when participating in the interview process with potential Republic pilots.

Safety First

For 50 years, safety has been one of the most important tenets of the Republic Airways culture. “The first thing I look for in an interview is a safety mindset,” Dan says. “We’re looking for someone who is going to make the right decisions. Show me in your past that you’ve made safe decisions before.”

Our Safety Management System is designed to identify hazards and mitigate operational risks while reinforcing continuous improvement through established safety systems. Republic Airways also empowers team members to utilize our Voluntary Reporting systems which include non-punitive employee reporting to Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA). “We have a great safety culture,” Dan emphasizes. “And that’s why it’s the top thing I look for in a potential pilot.”

Willing to Learn

That culture of safety starts with comprehensive training. This is one of the reasons why Dan says the second thing he looks for while interviewing pilots is their ability to successfully complete the training program. “We have a great training program here that sets pilots up to succeed,” Dan explains. The training program is the foundation of a career at Republic, and both Dan and the candidate need to feel confident in their ability to complete training successfully.

A Good Fit

During the interview, Dan wants to ensure potential pilots are good, level-headed people. “I want to feel like they’re going to fit into our culture. I want to know that they’re going to represent Republic well.”

That’s why Dan keeps the interview process honest and open. “I try and be real with them and answer every question they have.” For Dan, a transparent interview works both ways. “I’m not just looking for what’s best for Republic. I’m looking for what’s best for the pilot. I want you to come here only if you want to come here.”

If you’re interested in an interview with the Republic Airways team, apply to become a pilot today.