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Tech 25: Senior IT Analyst recognized as Best in Indy Tech

Congratulations to Senior IT Business Analyst Dean Dube on being named a Tech 25 award recipient by TechPoint and the Indianapolis Business Journal on Wednesday, August 23. The annual award program recognizes 25 individuals who are critical and exceptional performers in helping to grow Indiana’s tech and tech-enabled companies.

In this year’s virtual awards breakfast, Dean joined tech professionals from other Indiana businesses such as DemandJump, netlogx and Emarsys in earning this prestigious recognition for his passion for helping other people to achieve their goals through technology and keeping up with the demands of a tech-forward flight training program. Dean joined Republic in 2019 and since then has implemented many projects that have greatly added to the efficiency of LIFT Academy technology processes and widely expanded the information available to the students.

Dean lead the way with LIFT’s new applicant tracking system and student information system integration, implementing, transferring data, assisting in training and maintaining the new system. LIFT leadership had expressed the need for integrated systems since the inception of the Academy. To make this need a reality, Dean launched into research mode to evaluate various platforms with the group and led the selection process and implementation of the software, navigating countless moving parts and making sense of LIFT’s unique admissions and student progression processes.

Edward Bagden, Director of LIFT Operations and Academic Programs, shared the following about Dean, “As an IT leader and project manager at LIFT, Dean has played a key role in the selection, development and implementation of projects both large and small at LIFT Academy, including LIFT Academy’s Jenzabar recruiting and student information system, which has been integral in helping us achieve our student recruitment targets. Students and staff alike view Dean as part of the LIFT family, helping ensure that each and every team member has the tools they need to safely and effectively train the next generation of Republic Airways Captains and Maintenance Technicians.”

Dean wears his passion for helping others on his sleeve. There is no task too big or small that he won’t tackle, from resetting company iPads to managing the implementation process of a new CRM, or even picking up trash around the hangar. When you work in an industry that operates 24/7, that typically means that you’re on call 24/7, too. Dean gives his cell phone number out to students as they’re wrapping up orientation during each new class at LIFT Academy, and he’ll field their calls as they come in, nights and weekends included.

Dean most recently has taken on an adjunct professor role at Martin University, a long-time goal of his to share his influence and knowledge in the classroom. Dean selected Martin University for this opportunity to be an example for their predominately Black student population, showing them that representation matters in all areas.

“I’ve loved IT since I was a kid, basically all things computers. For me, it started with gaming, but as I got older, I realized I wanted to be in the Tech world in some form or fashion. I’ve done everything from programing and networking to support. I am passionate about helping others. Seeing their issue resolved, their new product implemented or creating something new for them puts a smile on my face and gives me a sense of accomplishment,” Dean shared when asked about why he loves technology and working in IT.

Dean has been in the IT environment for over 15 years, working in various IT project management, business analyst and Scrum Master capabilities. He has facilitated several significant software conversions and implementations for the companies in which he’s worked, including an integration of and training for 5,000 employees transitioning from various hospital networks to the Indiana University Health system prior to his current role at Republic Airways.

While at Republic and LIFT Academy, Dean has spearheaded kickoffs of several strategic business projects. In addition to the computer-based training courses, Dean led the rollout and training of a comprehensive intranet platform that hosts all of LIFT’s student and employee tools and resources, updates and portals to other software. He also was integral in the buildout of a Cherwell ticketing solution for tech requests and issues.

While many of these solutions seem standard for businesses today, LIFT’s technology is far advanced compared to its flight training peers, a big thanks to Dean for his forward thinking and ability to provide support and strategic planning for LIFT’s leadership. LIFT had a vision when it opened its doors in 2018 to lead the industry in advanced technology and innovation, and Dean has been the perfect fit as an IT business analyst to fulfill that vision. With Dean’s support, the program continues to innovate, exploring virtual reality, automation, simulation and more to keep LIFT ahead of the pack when it comes to flight training technology.

Michael Quesada, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Dean’s manager knows the difference Dean has made both in his role and the bonds he has developed at LIFT. “What strikes me most about Dean is his desire and natural ability to quickly establish authentic relationships. This makes him very effective at bringing together a diverse set of individuals to develop impactful solutions. Dean’s technical curiosity, passion for learning and strong analytical skills give him the agility to float between various roles within the tech space to find customer focused solutions. And to Dean the word “customer” is not simply a catch all bucket; he makes it a point to be on a first name basis with the people he serves.”

Well done, Dean!


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