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State-of-the-Art Training Center

Flying has always been an act of technological wonder. And as planes and aviation systems become increasingly complex, airlines have to evolve – or risk being left behind. That’s why at Republic Airways, we have always been fiercely committed to providing our team with the latest technologies and the right resources for success now and for years to come.

Investing in Integration

One of our latest investments into the future of aviation is the recently opened Training Center in Carmel, Indiana. The facilities are part of an ambitious project to create an integrated campus housing Republic’s corporate headquarters, systems operation control and training department. In a recent interview with TechPoint, Republic Airways Chief Information Officer Nirav Shah explains, “There are enormous advantages in bringing all of our training in one central location and, more broadly, in creating a venue where our Associates can interact with one another. It is forward-thinking, makes us smarter, more integrated and it provides a center of gravity for our culture.”

The Latest in Simulator Training

The new Training Center offers leading-edge training facilities – including eight static flight training devices and eight full-motion flight simulators. Republic’s simulator training is led by Republic instructors who are qualified on Embraer aircraft. This training gives Republic pilots a huge advantage in becoming and remaining experienced, safety-focused professionals since Republic Airways operates the largest dedicated fleet of over 200 Embraer 170/175s. The Training Center also features 18 virtual and on-site classrooms, as well as training systems for flight attendants and maintenance technicians.

The Exploration Room

The new campus also houses the Exploration Room. These facilities are designed with one lofty goal in mind: to use leading-edge technology to inspire the next generation of aviators. Providing access to flight simulators, virtual reality systems, and interactive multimedia kiosks, the Exploration Room allows visitors to not just learn about aviation, but to experience it.

“If we have just one kid come through this room who becomes a Republic pilot or a flight dispatcher or a mechanic or a flight attendant, then the cost of this room and everything in it will be worth it,” Shah said. “Middle school is when they start building their career aspirations, so being able to experience flying or to see other kinds of careers we offer is really helpful.”

In a 2020 conversation with TechPoint, Shah sums it up like this, “We’re not a transportation company. We’re a tech company that has airplanes.”

If you’re interested in joining an airline that’s committed to investing in new facilities, new technology, and a new generation, explore our open positions here.