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Positive Altitude: Oscar Pimentel

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Captain Oscar Pimentel moved to the United States to pursue his dreams after earning his private pilot license while still in high school in the Dominican Republic. As a member of our PTAT program, pilot mentor, member of the Civil Air Patrol and a volunteer with the ACE Academy in Columbus, Ohio, Oscar brings aspects from his culture and upbringing to give 110% in his work here at Republic and to the causes he’s most passionate about.

“Giving back has always been important to me. I believe everybody in this industry needs a little help, whether that is a pilot coming to speak with the class or someone offering to mentor them in their career,” Oscar shares.

Along with his long list of roles beyond being an LGA-based captain, Oscar is most passionate about sharing his career and life experiences with younger generations and has given over 20 presentations between Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States, with his largest speaking event having over 600 students in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

“What I probably enjoy the most is to give motivational speeches to young kids, not only about aviation but also about how to be successful in life,” Oscar shares, “It is important to understand your potential and use it wisely.”

This dedication and work ethic to do it all goes back to his upbringing and the principles his parents taught him from a young age: “The drive of always giving 110% has always been in my culture. As little kids we are taught to always work hard for what you want and never give up on your dreams. I used to work in the summers with my Dad while in high school, and once I got to the U.S., I had three jobs while going to college and flying.”

His unwavering work ethic isn’t the only thing Oscar brings with him to his work here at Republic. “Having the ability of speaking two languages really opened doors in my career, which I’ve used to expand my experiences flying in other countries,” Oscar shares. “When English just isn’t enough in some situations, speaking Spanish has been a very good tool to have in my back pocket.”

When reflecting on his career journey here at Republic, Oscar says it has been, “amazing, full of cool experiences and fun crews.” He recognizes that diversity plays into this, too. “The diversity at Republic, specifically my Hispanic community, makes me love working at this Company. Republic has fit within my beliefs of hard work, opportunities and hunger to grow. Since I joined this airline, I have expanded my knowledge to serve my Company, hire the best pilots and mentor many of my colleagues.”