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Opportunities for Women in Aviation Maintenance

According to a recent industry report, less than 3% of all aviation maintenance technicians are women. We asked Tiffany Logan about what it’s like to work as an AMT for Republic Airways in a male-dominated field.

First impressions

While earning her licenses at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Indianapolis, Tiffany met with Tim Simpson, Senior Maintenance Manager at the Republic Airways Indianapolis base. “He showed me around a little bit,” she says. “I felt like, ‘I think I can do this.'”

“I like how Republic is willing to bring people in and train them,” she continues. Tiffany appreciates the emphasis Republic Airways places on professional development, especially the way it’s grounded in welcoming people and getting them involved. “If you want to learn, they will let you learn anything.”

Learning and growing

For Tiffany, that experience has given her a fresh outlook on her career and her future. “I’ve been saying yes to opportunities that might scare me, but could be great,” she says. “I’ll walk over to see what somebody else is doing that looks interesting, and I’ll just start learning with them. Every day is a new experience.”

Having the opportunity to train side-by-side with senior technicians makes a real difference. “Everybody is just helping each other,” Tiffany explains.

Opportunities for women

With demand for maintenance technicians growing, how can Republic Airways and the commercial airline industry increase qualified candidates by attracting more women to the field?

“Schools should take the opportunity during career days to put a spotlight on the trades, especially maintenance,” Tiffany suggests. “Everyone knows about pilots and flight attendants. But some girls really do enjoy hands-on work.”

What is Tiffany’s advice for those who are interested? “Just do your best,” she says. “One day, you’re going to fix a plane, put it in the sky and ride it back to base. Best feeling ever.”

If you’re interested in joining Republic Airways, learn more about what sets us apart.