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Keriann Williams – Following her mother’s footsteps into aviation

Continuing our Associate highlights for Women’s History Month, we are excited to share a conversation with Republic Airways Philadelphia Inflight Base Supervisor Keriann Williams. Learn more about how aviation runs in her family and how that inspired her to pursue a career in aviation for herself!

Keriann in front of the Liberty Bell poster at our Training Center.

What is your current position and how long have you been with Republic?

Keriann Williams: I’m currently the Philadelphia (PHL) Inflight Base Supervisor and I am going into my 15th year with the company.

What (if any) other positions have you held that lead you on your path to your current role?

Keriann: I have held a few roles in the customer service field and prior to my current position I was a flight attendant with PSA Airlines for three years.

Describe your current position at Republic, what are your responsibilities and what does a typical day look like?

Keriann: Base Supervisors are the boots on the ground and tend be to the first point of contact for our crew members. I’m responsible for relaying information, guiding, directing and supporting our crews. There is no typical day in this role and that’s what excites me. Although I directly oversee PHL I enjoy the opportunity to assist other bases as needed.

Aviation has historically been an industry with a mainly male workforce. What inspired you to begin your aviation journey?

Keriann: I was inspired to embark on my aviation journey because aviation runs in the family – my mom worked for Boeing. I enjoy working in an environment that is ever changing and where the sky is limit. When the opportunity arose to step into a leadership role I gladly accepted and have learned so much while supporting our frontline team.

Flight Attendant Diana Stepnoski, Keriann and Flight Attendant Alfreda Brundige Smith During Flight Attendant Appreciation in 2021

What have your experiences as an Inflight Base Supervisor at Republic been like? How is it different now vs. when you started?

Keriann: I’ve had a great deal of different experiences in my role, and it has evolved since I started. When I came to Republic, we were under three separate operating certificates (now we are only one under Republic Airways) and we’ve implemented many advancements in technology, which both lent support to me and have allowed me to support our frontline. The leadership team in my department has grown and I think it has made my department is stronger than ever. After many years of service, I’ve become the most tenured in my role which has provided me the opportunity to support my colleagues; it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Republic Family!

What about your job at Republic makes you feel fulfilled?

Keriann: There are several things that make me feel fulfilled in my role, but I truly feel fulfilled with building positive relationships. I love being able to support and develop crew members and helping to ensure their success. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with and develop not only Flight Attendants but also some of my peers. Being able to witness all of us achieve our goals is truly gratifying.

What are you most proud of in your career at Republic so far? What are you looking forward to?

Keriann: I’m most proud of my personal and professional growth. I was a recent recipient of the Reach for the Stars recognition program. I’m looking forward to seeing the ways the company can grow. As well as exploring new avenues where I can develop further.

What advice would you give to young women interested in pursuing any career in aviation?

Keriann: There are an abundance of opportunities in aviation; from flights attendants to dispatchers. Never be scared of failure, put yourself out there and be the best version of you!

Flight Attendant Marissa Delosreyes and Keriann during Breast Cancer Awareness Month