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How Much Is a Commercial Pilot Salary?

One of the questions we are frequently asked is how much is an airline pilot salary? It’s a good question because there are many benefits that pilots receive that go beyond their salary. Let’s walk through a high-level overview of what you could expect to earn as a commercial airline pilot, as well as just some of the other perks of being a pilot. We’ll use our own pilot pay as an example, keeping in mind that the industry varies airline to airline and regionals to mainlines.

First Officer Pay

Once you have completed the FAA-required hours to achieve Airline Transport Pilot status – currently 1500 hours – you are eligible to be a First Officer with a commercial airline. (If you are not currently a pilot and are contemplating becoming one, we recommend considering our flight training school, LIFT Academy, where you can complete training in as little as 18 months and become a Certificated Flight Instructor while you earn your required flight hours.)

First Officers at Republic start their career making $90/hour. In addition to their pilot salary, however, Republic First Officers also receive the following benefits that enhance their quality of life overall:

  • Performance bonuses and unbeatable flight privileges with our three partner airlines, American, Delta and United
  • The opportunity to be based at one of our 10 U.S. locations
  • Robust 401 (k), free basic life, dental and vision benefits
  • An efficient training program making flying opportunities available faster than many other airlines
  • A faster track to captain with higher pay and more benefits

Commercial Airline Captain Pay

Once they have completed 850 hours of Part 121 experience, Republic First Officers can bid for an upgrade class date but will begin earning first-year Captain pay of $140/hour. In addition to the same pilot perks they enjoyed previously – like flight privileges to explore the world with family and friends, the availability of our 10 U.S. bases and other great benefits – First Officers can also explore additional opportunities with our partners through our Delta Ready and United Ready pilot pathway programs as they continue flying in the left seat. These programs help set participating pilots up for success in the mainlines through guaranteed interview programs, training opportunities with either Delta or United while at Republic, and an easier transition to pursue the flight path of your choosing.

Enjoy Better Quality of Life As a Republic Pilot

In addition to a competitive airline pilot salary, First Officers and Captains at Republic enjoy working with state-of-the-art technology in our new training center, eight full-flight simulators, all in-house trainers and the only all E-Jet fleet of Embraer 170/175s along with the best work rules in the industry that allow you to have better work/life balance. Your opportunities are elevated on every level at Republic Airways. Come live your BEST life as part of our team and see your future take off!