Top 5 Reasons to Join Us!

If you're a Pilot, check out the Top 5 reasons why Republic is the top regional airline in the industry.



That's right! $64,900 average total compensation for a first-year First Officer at Republic. No spin, no factoring in a watered-down signing bonus like other regionals. In addition to our best-in-class Pilot contract, Republic also gives:

  • Up to $12,500 signing bonus
  • Top per diem rates (domestic $1.95 - international $2.50)
  • Top benefits package in the industry
  • $2,000 referral bonus
  • Leg-by-leg cancellation pay
  • Immediate 401(k) vesting and match
  • Trip rig 1:4, duty rig 1:2
  • OT at 125 percent for flight hours > 87
  • Company-paid luggage and uniforms
  • iPad, plus unique Crew Life mobile device application


Ask any of our Pilots, and they will tell you our 10 premier base locations are among the top reasons they chose to fly for Republic. We’re talking New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Miami, to name a few. Some regional carriers only have two or three bases - and that can mean long, challenging commutes. Not at Republic. Combine our bases options with our all-Embraer fleet, and then factor in our skilled Associates in Dispatch, Maintenance and Inflight, and don’t forget our award-winning safety record, and the choice is clear.


Simply put, our passengers and codeshare partners prefer the Embraer 170/175. It’s THE hottest aircraft in the regional space, and that’s why it’s the only fleet type Republic flies. In fact, we’re the world’s largest operator of these high-tech Brazilian-made marvels. So, if you’re a Pilot looking for the best equipment, think Republic. Our new long-term agreements with American AirlinesDelta and United, an industry-leading Pilot contract and our superior maintenance and impeccable safety record make Republic the clear choice.


You want stability, long-term stability? Republic has it. Our new codeshare agreements with mainline partners American AirlinesDelta and United date as far out as 2029. That means business security unrivaled in a constantly changing industry. These contracts are paramount in establishing a strong foundation and a bright future for the Company. Our partners choose us because they know we provide the safest, cleanest and most reliable flying experience in the regional business. Why work anywhere else?


Quality of life – often touted but ignored by many of our competitors – is a key part of our industry-leading Republic Pilot contract (ratified Oct. 2015). Junior manning? Not at Republic -- your days off are yours; no forced call-ins like other carriers. Super Bowl Sunday? It’s one of our eight paid holidays. Every step of the way, we provide the best in top work rules, and that translates into quality of life unmatched by other regionals. How do we know? Well, it can be best measured by the number of First Officer applications and new hires coming from the ranks of competing airlines. Join them!


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