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Rjet Cadets attend exclusive events to meet our team, tour our facilities, get hands-on with our aircraft and learn what it means to be a Republic Airline pilot.Are you ready to get your piloting career off the runway and soaring? There’s no faster, better way to go from taxi to cruising altitude than with Republic Airline. Our pilot development programs such as the RJet Cadet Program and the RJet Pilot Prep Program make the transition from classroom to flight deck easy with special events, a preferred interview track and more.

Republic is America’s leading regional carrier. We fly the world’s largest fleet of Embraer E170/175 aircraft - the most advanced commercial aircraft aloft - to destinations throughout North America and the Caribbean. We work in partnership with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines to carry millions of passengers to their destinations safely, reliably and comfortably. Our long-term agreements with the three largest airlines in the world means stability, growth opportunities and - with 10 bases throughout the United States - the broadest range of domiciles in the business. Our pilots receive competitive pay, industry-leading benefits and a package of work rules that support a pilot’s quality of life.

Your office with a great view.  The flight deck of the Embraer 170/175, the world's most advanced commercial aircraft.As a flight student, you could get your conditional offer of employment as a Republic First Officer - starting pay $45 per hour – while building on your flight certificates and upon completion of our interview process. That process includes one - and only one - interview with a recruiter and a Republic line pilot.

Students who are completing their flight training at a college or university through a Part-141 program are eligible to join our RJet Cadet program while pilots training elsewhere are eligible for our RJet Pilot Prep Program.

For a fast track to your aviation career, fill out a Republic Alrline pilot’s application for your respective program below, and one of our dedicated pilot recruiters will reach out to you to schedule your interview, complete your pilot development enrollment with Republic and guide you to your future.


Get Past the Flight Line

Not everyone has what it takes to fly for Republic. If you’re looking to join the best cadre of aviation professionals in the world, here’s what’ll get you started:


RJet Cadet Program RJet Pilot Prep Program
  • Instrument rating
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Eligibility to work in the United States
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Enrolled in a Part 141 flight program at a college or university in the United States
  • Instrument rating & Commercial license
  • No more than two checkride failures
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • Eligibility to work in the United States
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Currently enrolled in a flight school
  • 20-minute interview with a Republic Airline pilot recruiter
  • 20 questions drawn from the ATP/CTP written test
  • 20-minute interview with a Republic Airline line pilot
  • 20-minute interview with a Republic Airline pilot recruiter
  • 20 questions drawn from the ATP/CTP written test
  • 20-minute interview with a Republic Airline line pilot
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Why Join the RJet Development Programs?

  • Receive invitations to exclusive company events
  • Qualify for our "Flight Time Initiative" program that will pay for your final 100 hours of flight time (including multi time). See more about this innovative program below.
  • Paid ATP-CTP course upon reaching ATP/R-ATP minimum flight experience requirements
  • Paid hotel accommodations and ground transportation during the ATP-CTP
  • Placement into the next open First Officer class upon reaching minimums
  • No additional interviews required


RJet Cadet


Flight Time Initiative

Because we're passionate about our people and their success, we invest in your training and development. Our Flight Time Initiative will pay for up to your last 100 hours of total flight time OR your remaining multi-engine time necessary to meet the ATP or R - ATP minimums. The FTI program accelerates your way into the ranks of Republic aviators who earn industry-leading pay, fly the most advanced commercial aircraft in the industry and work with the best team of aviation professionals on the ground and in the air.

FTI gives you a jumpstart on what it's like to fly as a commercial airline pilot even as it helps you complete your ATP and R-ATP requirements. FTI participants receive an “all-inclusive” package that includes lodging, food, aircraft rental, transportation costs as well as a personalized flight schedule designed to meet your individual requirements for night-time, cross-country and multi-engine hours.

NOT READY TO APPLY FOR FTI?  If you have more than 200 hours of flight time left to reach your ATP or R-ATP requirements, the best way to get the inside track on becoming an FTI participant is to join our RJet Cadet Program or RJet Pilot Prep Program. Click HERE to join now!

Email FTI@rjet.com with any questions.



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